The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

21 Jun

When talking about cutting metals, there are plenty of methods to achieve the task. Some of these are just crude and simple as a hacksaw. While others are more complex and technical such as plasma and laser cutting tools. The disadvantage of these is devices are there downsides. These would range from heat causing deformations to rough untidy edges leftover. Also, there are several things that could not be cut using these methods. This is the time wherein waterjet cutting takes action. This has a lot of advantages over the other cutting devices. These are its advantages:

1.            No heat produced - unlike other techniques, the flow water jets cutting doesn't produce heat. This simply means that there is no melting, warping, or distorting along the edges which assists whenever you are attempting to make precision cuts for complex parts.

2.            Precision - hydro cutting devices could have astonishing precision. This kind of device provides the ability to produce precision cuts as close to ? 0.005". So, this definitely does not come inexpensive as the more precise the device is, the higher is its value. The fact that the method of cutting is regulated by computer and software, then it would really produce precise cuts.

3.            Versatility -various methods work great for several kinds of materials but would not work out for some. The waterjet cutting permits the cutting of just any kind of materials with efficiency. But one of its exemption is the tempered glass. But the materials that it could really cut are all kinds of alloys, steels, marble, wood, aluminum, stone, rubber, plastics, and composites. Watch this video about water jet.

4.            Cleanup and duration - another advantage of waterjet cutting device is its ability to cleanup because it just leaves you little to almost no burr on some parts that there is the need for cleaning or secondary final operations like sanding or grinding. This creates cuts quicker and permits the job to be done a lot faster in contrast to other devices.

The things that are written in this article are just some of the many advantages of waterjet cutting over the traditional cutting techniques. If you think that these are still lacking to convince you to switch to waterjet cutting techniques, then you should not worry because its advantages do not just end with these things. Here are some of the others:

o             Very quick turnaround from drawing board to the product of cut

o             Quick setup time because of it requires minimal setup operation

o             High speed for faster job operation

o             Best for prototypes and processes of production because of its flexibleness

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